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WOLF TOOTH Morse Cargo Cage

WOLF TOOTH Morse Cargo Cage

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The Wolf Tooth Morse Cargo Cage is designed to increase a bike’s carrying capacity. This was created for bikepacking, self-supported races, and rides that just require more gear. The Morse name extends the popular dot-dash mounting pattern that allows for 35mm of vertical adjustment, which is also featured on Wolf Tooth Morse Bottle Cages. It will fit on a fork three-pack mount or anywhere on the frame that has bottle bosses. The Morse Cargo Cage also has bolt mounting points on the angled sides for additional versatility. Made in Minnesota, USA from durable, corrosion-resistant 5052 aluminium

Pair it with the Widefoot Voile Strap and the Wolf Tooth 950ml Nalgene Water Bottle, and you are ready for your biking adventure



Designed to fit standard 64mm bolt-spaced 3-pack mounts
Vertical positioning adjustment up to 35mm with Morse dot-dash mount pattern
Mount options in center of cage, as well as on right and left sides; use included spacers when mounting the cage by its side
Designed to fit fork bags, 32 oz. Nalgene bottles, large burritos, and more
Three stainless steel bolts and plastic spacers included

Weight: 60g
Dimensions: Cage: 17.5cm H x 7cm W x 2.5cm D

Material: corrosion-resistant 5052 aluminum
Load Capacity: Refer to your fork manufacturer for maximum load capacity

Made in the USA 

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