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WIDEFOOT Voile Strap 25" inch - Black

WIDEFOOT Voile Strap 25" inch - Black

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The original Widefoot Voile Strap will hold your cargo where you need it securely. Use the strap to tie the item down to your bike frame, handlebar, seat rails, or rack. And what about using it to tie your camping mat, rain jacket, sleeping bag and all your bikepacking gear together for your trip. They will most certainly outlive the nylon webbing, straps, or cords you’re currently using

The hard wearing stretch polyurethane makes these straps highly durable, UV and moisture resistant, designed to be used in all weather conditions. It also features a tough heat-treated aluminium buckle which has a slim profile to make it easy to pack

The Widefoot Voile Strap has become an essential part of my everyday kit, and is especially handy for my longer off-road gravel rides


UV and weather-resistant
Aluminium buckle
Size: 63.5cm / 25" inch

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