GRANITE DESIGN - Talon Tyre Lever
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GRANITE DESIGN - Talon Tyre Lever

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The Granite Design Talon is a two-piece design combination tool. Use them individually as tyre levers, or clip the two pieces together to form a tool for breaking and fixing quick-links on the chains. The tool comes with stainless steel tips, and would work with 9 to 12-speed quick-links and chains. And there is even enough room to store a spare quick-link so you are never left in a jam

Weighs at a measly 40g, the Talon is small enough to strap to your bike frame using the Granite RockBand Carrier Strap, or just stash it in your pocket. The levers are made of fibre-reinforced nylon, so they are strong enough to unseat the stiffest of the tyres, but safe enough to use on your expensive carbon rims. 


Dimensions: 8(H) x 19(W) x 130(L)mm / 2pc
Weight: 40g / 2pcs


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