GRANITE DESIGN - Rockband Carrier Strap
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GRANITE DESIGN Rockband Carrier Strap

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Granite Rockband is a super lightweight carrier strap for attaching tools and a spare tube to your bike. It features a secondary inner strap to loop through all your essential accessories, keeping them safely secured on your ride. Then pack them up with an innertube and wrap the outer strap around your frame, or tuck it under the saddle rails and you are ready to get on the road!

Its soft yet hard wearing rubber contact patches ensure the band doesn’t slip and  cause any damages to your bike. The velcro is seriously strong. Simply pull the strap tight and no worries of it breaking loose from your bike 

Want a minimalist look? Then let go of your baggage with this Granite Rockband! 


Length: 45cm
Width: 3.2cm
Weight: 23g


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