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APIDURA Innovation Lab Modular Cargo Cage

APIDURA Innovation Lab Modular Cargo Cage

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This Apidura Cargo Cage features a two-bolt mounting plate and a modular foot that can be extended to fit three-bolt mounts to provide extra carrying capacity. Designed for a nearly universal fit, you can use it for carrying tools/spares on your commuter bike, then swap it over to the gravel bike to carry a bit of extra gear for a weekend bikepacking trip

A streamlined design ensures clearance for chainrings and crank arms and the universal strap attachment system provides a secure mounting point for attaching a bag, water bottle or accessories 

Made from a lightweight anodized ADC-12 aluminium alloy, the Apidura Cargo Cage is strong and corrosion resistant

Pair it with the Widefoot Voile Strap and the Wolf Tooth 950ml Nalgene Water Bottleand you are ready for your biking adventure



3 x 12mm M5 hex-headed stainless-steel bolts

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