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VELO ORANGE Flat Pack Front Rack

VELO ORANGE Flat Pack Front Rack

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The Velo Orange Flat Pack Rack is designed to be super strong and adaptable, allowing it to be neatly mounted on nearly any bike with rack mounts on the fork blades

Adjustability is accomplished by employing sliding stays and darumas to dial in the position and level of the rack. With so many forks out there riddled with eyelets and holes for low-riders and 3-pack mounts, you can choose where the rack will mount to fit your ride

The platform is known as a “demi-porteur”. Its size is somewhere between a full Porteur and traditional Randonneur front rack. The main benefit of a demi-porteur style is better stabilization for large Randonneur Handlebar Bags as well as better support for baskets and large bikepacking bags, perfect for those longer bike rides you set your eyes on  

The uprights are removable and can be interchanged between a decaleur receiver for a Randonneur-style handlebar bag and a tombstone loop for a basket or other luggage. The versatility of this front rack is truly superb, designed with cycling adventurers in mind

When disassembled, it can fold almost completely flat - which is really useful for travel where space is at a premium

The Flat Pack Rack mounts to the fork crown using a little do-dad we call a Foot. This beefy mount sits flat against the fork crown and is also mounted to a daruma-style receiver, so it can slide up or down and in and out depending on your clearance needs

The lower portion of the stays are curved in such a way that they can mount flush on the side of your fork's blades

Additionally, the front of the rack features a braze-on for a light mount


Installation service available in our Sydney store

The kit includes all the hardware you need to install the rack on most bikes:

Four aluminum alloy stays - use two for a weight capacity of 5.4kgs or use all four for a weight capacity of up to 7.7kgs
Five daruma assemblies
Decaleur receiver
Foot with M6 bolt, washer, and nylock nut
Screws for fork mounting


Platform Size: 27.5cm x 20.3cm
Weight (including all hardware): 540g
Material: Stainless steel platform, backstop, and mounting hardware. Aluminium alloy stays and daruma
Weight capacity: 5.4kgs with two stays / 7.7kgs with all four stays
Finish: Polished Silver

Installation instructions can be found here.

Notes: Installation requires a fork crown that is drilled all the way through. Because of the thickness of the Foot, the rack may not work with sidepull and centerpull rim brakes

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