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SWRVE x DION JOHNSON Merino Cycling Socks - Twist

SWRVE x DION JOHNSON Merino Cycling Socks - Twist

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Do you know wool is s one of the best moisture wicking materials? It is naturally anti-bacterial and they don't smell after repeated use. Grab a pair of these Swrve cycling socks and get the comfort you need when you ride

The footbed of these bike socks is 75% merino with extra cushioning. They also have the durability you’ve come to expect with just the amount of compression in the arch for added support 

Designed by Dion Johnson, a Los Angeles based artist, cyclist, and friend of SWRVE. You know you would look great and feel great with these cycling socks. Get these puppies on yer feet now!


50% merino wool / 25% cotton / 20% polyamide / 5% elastane
15cm cuff
Super cushioned footbed
Compression arch

Care Instructions:

Hand or delicate machine wash on cold / warm
Lay flat to dry - do NOT tumble dry


US Men’s: Small: 5 - 7.5, Medium: 8 - 10.5, Large: 11 - 13
US Woman’s: Small: 6.5 - 9, Medium: 9.5 - 12, Large: 12.5 - 15

Made in Italy

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