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SWRVE x DION JOHNSON Merino Cycling Socks - Dazzle

SWRVE x DION JOHNSON Merino Cycling Socks - Dazzle

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These Swrve cycling socks are sumptuous: the footbed is 75% merino with extra cushioning. Wool is an amazing material. It wicks sweat better than any synthetic, keeping you cool and dry in summer and warm in colder weather. Wool is also naturally anti-bacterial so the socks won’t smell after repeated use. And it keeps you warm even when wet, so go ahead and jump through that stream!

You certainly would not be disappointed with these bike socks. They have the durability you’ve come to expect with the right amount of compression in the arch for added support

Designed by Dion Johnson, a Los Angeles based artist, cyclist, and friend of SWRVE. You know you will look great and feel great with these cycling socks, and not to mention they will lift your cycling game too :) Let's get these puppies on yer feet now! 


50% merino wool / 25% cotton / 20% polyamide / 5% elastane
15cm cuff
Super cushioned footbed
Compression arch

Care Instructions:

Hand or delicate machine wash on cold / warm
Lay flat to dry - do NOT tumble dry


US Men’s: Small: 5 - 7.5, Medium: 8 - 10.5, Large: 11 - 13
US Woman’s: Small: 6.5 - 9, Medium: 9.5 - 12, Large: 12.5 - 15

Made in Italy

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