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ROAD RUNNER Wedge Half Frame Bike Bag - Black Cordura

ROAD RUNNER Wedge Half Frame Bike Bag - Black Cordura

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Perfect for day use or long weekend trips. This Road Runner half frame bag is made to fit on most bike frames and sizes.  By having the bag attached to the front of the bike’s triangle, it leaves you enough room for your water bottles or to strap your tools and other items on the bike 

With a maximum capacity of 2.5L, you can take all the gear you need comfortably for your trip. A mini bike pump, snacks, extra layer of clothing, multi tool, a repair kit... all the essentials you need to keep your ride safe and enjoyable. And don't worry, a frame bag is designed to carry a heavier load without affecting the bike's balance or your steering, so you can stuff all your belongings in it to your content! This Road Runner bike bag also comes with an exit sleeve for a water bladder, making those long rides a little bit easier

And just when you think this bag has everything you need, the Road Runner team has also added a zipper pocket on the side of the bag for you to access your other essentials like your keys and phone easily. It really is a perfect bag!

This bag is designed for a quick install and removal with the intention of being swapped between different bikes. Simply wrap the three top velcro straps loosely to the top tube, then attach the bottom two straps tightly to the down tube. Now go back and tighten the top straps appropriately 

The Road Runner Wedge Half Frame Bike Bag is great for bike touring, bikepacking and any other types of longer ride where more storage space is needed.

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Dimensions: 40cm (longest point) x 14cm (tallest point) x 7.5cm
Material: Made of 1000D Cordura with a 70D Lightweight Rip Stop Nylon Liner. YKK Water Resistant Zipper Tape and Slider
Zipper Cover, Zipper Slider Pull Tabs

Tubular Webbing
Water Bladder Exit Sleeve. Ability to hold up to a 2L water bladder (Not Included With Bag)
Weight: 170gm


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