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ROAD RUNNER Co Pilot Handlebar Stem Bag - Olive Cordura

ROAD RUNNER Co Pilot Handlebar Stem Bag - Olive Cordura

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Ever need just a little more space to hold that extra water bottle you've been wanting to bring on your ride? Or to hold a coffee in your re-usable cup? Well search no further! Strap this Road Runner Co Pilot bike bag to your handlebar and stem, and let's make your ride more enjoyable

Made of 1000D Cordura and backed with a 4000D Heavy Rip Stop Nylon Liner, this bag is made to last!

This well designed bike bag is quick and easy to install on any bike/stem/handlebar combo. Simply determine which side of the bars you would like it on and mount the stem strap around the stem. You will find which strap will fit for the stem as it runs vertically and is permanently affixed to the bag near the pull cord. The other strap (which runs vertically and is totally removable) is meant for attaching the bag to the handlebar on either the right or left side. The third strap (which runs in a horizontal direction) is meant to strap the bar to the head tube. Easy! This three point mounting system will most certainly keep your handlebar bag well secured in the spot you desire, and will not be swaying around when you ride 

This Road Runner Co Pilot Handlebar Bag is also available in a black and pink colour

Why not pair this Road Runner stem bag with their handlebar burrito bike bag to give yourself more storage option


Dimensions: 13cm x 8cm x 8cm
Material: Made of 1000D Cordura backed with a 420D Heavy Rip Stop Nylon Liner


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