PRESTACYCLE Mini Bike TorqKeys 5Nm Preset Torque Tool
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PRESTACYCLE Mini Bike TorqKeys 5Nm Preset Torque Tool w/6 Bits and Holder

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The team at Prestacycle developed this industrial-grade bike torqkey preset mini torque tool that is reliable and easy to use. This handy tool gives you an extremely tight tolerance pre-determined torque setting without the need to be set into calibration and it would not shift out of calibration

The ergonomic handle fits your fingertips and it includes a spinner grip to make wrenching easier. The tool provides an unmistakable 20 degree overrun when the torque limit is reached, so you can be confident knowing they have the correct tension. Its low profile allows the tool to fit into more places for use, overall 50% lower height than tools costing twice as much, making it one of the most versatile torque tools around


Each tool includes removable bit holder and six high-quality nickel-plated S2 Steel bits. 3NM Bits: H2, H2.5, H3, T10, T20, PH0 4NM Bits: H3, H4, H5, T20, T25, PH1 5NM Bits: H4, H5, H6, T20, T25, PH2

NOTE - Do not use TorqKeys to remove stuck, damaged, rusted or over-tightened fittings

Dimensions: 78mm H x 52mm W
Weight: Approx 48g

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