PORTLAND DESIGN WORKS Bike Saddle Charm - Donuts
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PORTLAND DESIGN WORKS Bike Saddle Charm - Donuts

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Add a little flair and extra visibility to your ride with this reflective bike saddle charm from Portland Design Works, or simply use it as a key ring that would most certainly brighten your day up with its donut design 

Made of woven handlebar tape, a sturdy thread locking loop, and a highly reflective 3M™ trim, this PDW Bike Saddle Charm can be attached to the rails of your saddle, to the bag loops on a Brooks England saddle, or just about anywhere on your bike or bag  

Why not add some character to your bike? It may even give you a bit of extra luck

We also have this PDW saddle charm with a pizza design. Donut or pizza? Hard choice to make :)


Durable woven nylon
3M reflective material

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