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MKS Sylvan Gordito Pedals - Black/Silver

MKS Sylvan Gordito Pedals - Black/Silver

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MKS is one of the most highly regarded bicycle pedals and accessories manufacturers in the world. Established in Japan in 1946, MKS creates some of the highly recognised pedals, and the Gordito is the latest addition to their Sylvan pedal family 

Maintaining the same width of the Sylvan touring, the MKS team increased the length of the Gordito pedal body, allowing for a larger, more comfortable platform for rider to firmly rest their feet when they ride. This pedal is ideal for those looking for a comfortable ride, as well as those with large feet or shoes. Similar to the Sylvan touring, the cage plate tooth profile is grippy, but not particularly aggressive

If you are after some pedals that are handcrafted with exceptional quality, you can't go past these MKS Sylvan Gordito Pedals 



Colour: Black/Silver
Body: Alloy
Plate: Alloy/Anodized
Size: 94mm W x 85mm L
Step Area: Double sided
Purpose: Touring & city riding
Weight: 430g per pair

The largest platform in the Sylvan series, 94 mm x 85 mm
Built around the MKS proven and user serviceable Cup & Cone bearing systemThe step plates are attached with screws, which can be replaced by the user if damaged

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