MKS - BM-7 Pedal – Black
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MKS BM-7 Pedals – Black

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An old-school classic! The BM-7 pedal design originated from 1979. It features an alloy body, an alloy cap and an alloy cage built around a hand-adjusted cup and cone bearing system. The one-piece wrap around cage features an aggressive tooth profile with a slight concave design to help keep your foot centered

The level of craftsmanship and quality from the MKS team is simply the best. You just can't beat these classic MKS pedals!

Perfect for MTB, BMX and track/fixed gear city bikes


Body: Alloy
Plate: Alloy/Anodised (Copper-plated)

Size: 98mm W x 61mm L
Step Area: Double sided 
Bearing: Cup and cone bearings
Purpose: Off Road and City riding

Weight: 366g

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