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MINOURA Dura Bottle Cage

MINOURA Dura Bottle Cage

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Creating cycling products since 1933, Minoura has been continually bringing quality products to cyclists around the world, and this Minoura Dura Bottle Cage is no exception

Comes in 2 options with a slightly different diameter. The 4.5mm diameter cage weighs at a tiny 40 grams is great for all serious road riders. The 5.5mm diameter cage weighs slightly more at 55 grams, intended for off-road use but can be used for any bike minimalist design

Made of Super Duralumin, a type of material that is much stronger than standard aluminium, enabling Minoura to make these in a smaller diameter to reduce weight

A durable water bottle cage that is a step above the rest in the water bottle cage world

Compatible with most bikes

Made in Japan


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