MANY MORNINGS Socks - Polar Bear
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MANY MORNINGS Socks - Polar Bear

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Dare to be different! And let's add some fun colour with these mismatched Many Mornings Socks

Many Mornings Socks combine decades of experience in the Łódź textile industry with a unique approach to design and a love for a well-made product. Quality matters – their production process uses only the finest materials. When it comes to design, they find inspiration in everything that surrounds them. Meeting friends, trying new things, traveling – they learn from each experience to design socks that they would want to wear themselves. It gives them joy which they love to share with others!

80% Cotton
17% Polyamide
3% Elastan

Sizing (Euro)
Small - 35-38

Medium - 39-42
Large - 43-46

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