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LEZYNE Pocket Torque Drive

LEZYNE Pocket Torque Drive

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The Lezyne Pocket Torque Drive is an innovative, beautifully crafted torque wrench made from durable, lightweight machined aluminium

With the handle removed, the wrench packs up neatly into a compact, moulded EVA case and comes equipped with six hardened steel bits, including 2.5, 3, 4, 5mm hex bits and T20, T25 Torx bits. A custom Composite Matrix key is included to help easily adjust the wrench’s torque setting. It’s adjustable between 2 – 6 Nm in 0.5 Nm increments and features a magnetic bit holder

Its compact size means it will barely take up any space in your bike bag. You can even strap the kit directly to your bike frame or under your saddle with its built-in strap. Just note that the case is not waterproof

The build quality of this Lezyne Pocket Torque Drive is top-notch, It is the ultimate portable bicycle torque wrench for any type of on-the-fly adjustments you need when you ride



Weight: 74g
Dimensions: 87mm, 17mm, 17mm

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