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HIPLOK Z Lok Combo Multi-Use Security Tie & Bike Lock - Yellow

HIPLOK Z Lok Combo Multi-Use Security Tie & Bike Lock - Yellow

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Hiplok Z Lok Combo offers the same ground breaking lightweight, adjustable zip like tie design as the original Z Lok but with the added benefits of a larger locking circumference and reset-able 3 digit combination mechanism

This ideal ride companion is small enough for your jersey pocket, while still offers you dependable security for that mid-ride coffee stop 

Whether you use it for short term security, securing your bike to your roof racks or what about tying your luggage and accessory bags together for easy transport. The Hiplok Z Lok Combo’s uses are endless. Once you have this little guy, you’ll be amazed at the multiple uses you find for it

Prefer using a key than a combination code? Check out the Hiplok Z Lok twin pack 


Adjustable locking diameter 8mm reinforced steel core. 3 digit combination
Security Level: Low Risk
Weight: 100g
Locking Size: 40cm locking diameter


Z LOK COMBO from Hiplok on Vimeo.






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