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HIPLOK POP Wearable Bike Lock - Black

HIPLOK POP Wearable Bike Lock - Black

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Sick of carrying a heavy lock in your bag when you ride? The Hiplok POP wearable chain lock is your solution! 

Its unique fastening system allows almost infinite waist sizing and adjustability, while the efficient and quick push-key mechanism makes locking up your bicycle a breeze

The POP is perfect as a primary bike lock in low risk areas, or as an incredibly convenient secondary lock for higher risk use

Wrap this high quality, award winning bike lock around your waist and let's get you riding comfortably


Security Level: Low Risk
Security Rating: Basic
Product Specification: 10mm rubberised plastic coated steel cable. 3 Keys included
Material: 10mm plastic coated steel cable
Weight: 400g
Locking Size: 1.3M Locking Circumference
Waist Sizing: 24″- 42″

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