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GRANITE DESIGN Quiver Roll Up Saddle Bag

GRANITE DESIGN Quiver Roll Up Saddle Bag

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This Granite Design Quiver Tool Roll is your ultimate riding companion, designed to securely store your essential tools, spare tubes, and personal items when you ride

Crafted with splash-proof fabric, it protects against trail debris and weather, and is dropper post-friendly for unrestricted riding. With a ratchet dial for a secure attachment under your saddle, on your top tube or down tube, you can be confident the Quiver roll up saddle bag will stay in place even through the roughest off-road terrain 

Inside the roll are three compartments with two being simple pockets, and the third being a zipped pocket, which is ideal for keys, other lose items and your valuables 

The Granite Tool Roll measures 23cm in height and 28cm in width and weighs just 69g, a perfect size saddle bag for all your cycling adventures 


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