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GRANITE Cricket Bell

GRANITE Cricket Bell

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The uniquely designed Granite Cricket Bell features the most ideal two modes sounding, single-strike mode and a cowbell mode, suitable for both on road and off-road riding

The single-strike mode is just excellent with its crystal-clear tone and impressively loud volume to make your presence known 

When pulling down the dome to cowbell mode, the motion of the bike activates the sound, and it really does a great job audibly communicating to other trail users 

Its mounting kit allows the bell to be mounted anywhere on your handlebar, whether near the stem (35mm or 31.8mm diameter) or the grips (22.2mm). This flexibility allows the bell to be near your thumb or mounted elsewhere if your cockpit is already busy

The Granite team has designed a simple, and yet effective bell that is well thought out. If you need a bicycle bell that is catered for all types of rides, then the Cricket Bell is hard to overlook


Two different modes for multi-purpose and a wide range of bikes
Characteristic “ding ding” sound and loud volume while triggering
Tighten down the only screw then you get on the go
Constructed from robust machined parts that exhibits promising durability
Classic but modern bit of kit in a harmonious, balanced way


Fits: 22.2mm, 31.8 and 35mm handlebars
Low profile design reduces interference with your frame
Weight: Lightweight construction at just 42g

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