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FABRIC Millibar Dual Valve Mini Bike Pump

FABRIC Millibar Dual Valve Mini Bike Pump

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Designed specifically for high-volume touring, mountain bike, plus size and gravel bike tyres, this easy to use Fabric Millibar Dual Valve hand pump is compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves. It inflates tyres to a maximum 40psi using the 29mm, 104cc capacity barrel

The integrated, retractable head is independent of the pump body. This prevents the jarring motion of tyre inflation transferring from pump to valve, and potentially damaging it. Locking the retractable head onto the valve is quick and easy. There are no fiddly adjustments between Presta and Schrader valves, simply lock-on, fill with air and get back to your ride


Extendable hose & head system
Protects valves & easy to use
Compatible with Schrader or Presta Valves
Lever actuated head
Snap fit frame mount included
Length: 235mm
Capacity: 104cc
Handle: Thermoplastic
Body: Aluminium
Head: Retractable

Pressure: 2.8 bar / 40 psi


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