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E*THIRTEEN Base Flat Pedal

E*THIRTEEN Base Flat Pedal

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The E*thirteen Base Pedals deliver biting traction at a price point that doesn't hurt your pocket. Its generous pedal platform gives you lots of shoe contact for good foot support 

The 100 x 110mm composite platform houses 22 pins (11 per side) to deliver biting traction, an inboard bushing & outboard bearing, and steel axle. This combination spins smooth, and will last for years to come



Axle: Steel Axle
Features: 22-pin design, thin pedal platform, with bearing+bushing axle system
Material: Composite
Pins: 6mm tall, w/22 replacement 4mm tall pins
Size: 100 x 110mm platform
Spindle: Heat-treated Steel
Weight: 399g
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