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Cycloc Wrap Accessory Strap - Pink

Cycloc Wrap Accessory Strap - Pink

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Comes in a set of 2, this pack of versatile straps can be used in a variety of situations when you are out and about on your bike. Whether securing a compact cargo to your bike rack, holding your bars and wheel in place when storing your bike away, or preventing your trouser leg from getting caught in your pedals or chain, these Cycloc straps are a simple and effective cycling accessory. I have even used them to strap my rain jacket on the top tube ready for that sudden change of weather. The possibilities of this Cycloc Wrap are really endless. You can even create a longer strap to suit your need by simply fitting multiple straps together 

The team at Cycloc has received multiple awards from various cycling and industrial design fields, and the simple and stylish design of their Cycloc Wrap is a great representation of their unique ability in creating a considered, playful and well designed practical product for riders everyday use 


Dimensions: Length 340 mm; Width 30mm
Composition: Rubber strap with Polypropylene fastening bobbin

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