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OSAKA Roadie Clip Bike Bell

OSAKA Roadie Clip Bike Bell

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Need a bike bell that is small in size, and is so versatile that you can mount it on the brake hood, cable housing, or on some flat bar levers? (levers need to have flat section less than 9mm deep) This Osaka Roadie Clip Bike Bell is exactly what you are after

Designed with a road bike drop bar in mind, simply turn the bell dome to loosen and tighten the clam of the bell when attaching it to your bike

With the Osaka Roadie Clip bike bell, you now have the flexibility to set your bell up at the perfect position that is best suited for you 

And its small size occupies a much lesser amount of space on your bike compared to a traditional bike bell. But don't let its size fool you, the ring is clear with a really nice resonant tone

Made in Osaka Japan


Size: 22mm wide alloy dome
Type: Striker
Fit: 8mm (does not clamp to bars)
Weight: 20g

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