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CRANE Mini Suzu Strike Lever Bike Bell - Gold

CRANE Mini Suzu Strike Lever Bike Bell - Gold

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The classically designed Crane Suzu bicycle bell gives you a clear ring tone at a strong volume to get attention you need in the heaviest traffic

Renowned for their strong resonant ring (capable of resonating for up to 15 seconds with just one solid strike) and their built to last craftsmanship, we are confident you will enjoy riding with this Crane bell for years to come

Perfect for adding that extra bit of style to your bike

Want to have a look at other colour option? Check out the Crane Suzu Strike Lever Bike Bell in Black Neo Brass and Copper

Have a listen to the ring of different Crane bells from this video and pick your favourite


22.2 - 25.4mm clamp
45mm diameter
Strong clear tone
Spring loaded lever arm strike mechanism

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