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CRANE E-NE Revolver Bike Bell

CRANE E-NE Revolver Bike Bell

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This new Crane E-NE Revolver Bike Bell is a uniquely designed bell from the legendary Crane Bell Company in Japan

You can operate the bell from multiple positions on your handlebar. The outer wheel turns clock-wise or counter-clockwise. Easily click off multiple dings or a single ding

Renowned for their strong resonant ring and their built to last craftsmanship, we are confident you will enjoy riding with this Crane bell for years to come and it will certainly add some style to your bike!

Want something to blend in with your handlebar a bit more? Check out the Crane E-NE Bike Bell Polished Alloy

Made in Osaka Japan


Steel band mount and fits on 22.2, 24.0 and 25.4mm OD bars
Compact 50mm brass dome for a bright and resonant ring
Stealthy matte black finish
Aluminum striker and clamp
Weight: 63g

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