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Cinelli Macro Splash Cork Handlebar Tape - Black/White

Cinelli Macro Splash Cork Handlebar Tape - Black/White

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Refresh your bike and wrap your handlebar with this Cinelli Macro Splash Handlebar Tape

Made from a soft, natural cork material and backed up with a vibration-dampening polyurethane base, the Cinelli Macro Splash handlebar tape will increase the comfort when you ride and give it a very distinctive look. Comes with matching Cinelli bar end plugs to complete the look

It has an adhesive backing for easy mounting. And the Cinelli logo is embossed on the tape for that unmistakable Cinelli look and brand affinity. 

Or if you feel like something more traditional? Have a look at the original Cinelli cork ribbon handlebar tape.

 Sold in two-roll sets - enough to wrap one complete drop bar

Cinelli Bartape Installation Tutorial from WINGEDSTORE_TV on Vimeo.


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