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CHEPARK Bike Lubricant

CHEPARK Bike Lubricant

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Every great ride relies on a smooth operation of the chain; regularly looking after and keeping your chain in top notch condition is crucial to the long-term performance and lifespan of your bike’s drivetrain. Chepark lubricant is used by cyclists all around the world, and is formulated with high performance ingredients that respect the environment 

The Chepark wet lubricant has water resistant properties, so it repels water for chain and component protection. Perfect for riding in wet and muddy conditions, or if you live in a humid climate

The Chepark dry lubricant as the name suggests excels in dry and dusty conditions. Perfect to use for off-road rides. It creates a durable layer, keeping your chain clean and will not attract contaminants 

The best chain lubes penetrate the chain's internal parts, ensuring that the lubrication reaches where it's needed most, and creates a protective, low-friction layer on the chain to prevent corrosion and extend the life of the drivetrain. You can be confident Cheapark can do exactly that for you

Do not use on disc brakes and the contact point between brake pads and rims


Volume: 120mL

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