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CHEPARK Bike Wax Chain Lubricant

CHEPARK Bike Wax Chain Lubricant

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Every great ride relies on a smooth operation of the chain; regularly looking after and keeping your chain in top notch condition is crucial to the long-term performance and lifetime of your drivetrain. This Chepark wax based lubricant is well loved by professional cyclists and committed riders 

Waxed chains can be incredibly efficient, reducing excessive friction, meaning fewer watts are lost. This is why professionals often use waxed chains for time trials and important races

This improved cleanliness and efficiency also results in reduced drivetrain wear, meaning you shouldn’t need to replace drivetrain parts as often

If your bike has an expensive groupset, using a chain wax could save you a significant amount of money in long-term running costs

Do not use on disc brake and the contact point between brake pads and rims


Volume: 120mL

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