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Made for gravel and adventure cycling, the Brooks Scape Seat Bag is a saddle bag comes with two separate elements: a holster for you to attach to the saddle and the seat post to hold its own 100% waterproof (IPX4 certified) removable drybag. This unique design keeps the bag stable when you ride on the tough terrain and allows for a bigger size bag so you can keep all the gear with you on the road  

The holster is made from rugged materials to last, and the bottom of it is designed to act as a mudguard to protect the internal bag from any rear wheel contact

This holster style allows you to remove the bag without having to keep faffing with clips and straps each time you get off and on the bike. If that's not enough to convince you about the holster design, the drainage hole located at the front section of the holster designed to let the water out when riding through a rainy day surely would

The waterproof dry bag has a capacity of 8L. It can easily be compressed to minimise the space thanks to its air valve release mechanism, and you can roll the dry bag into a smaller size when less carrying space is needed. The daisy chain allows attachment of other bags, and a loop is included to attach a rear light

This Brooks Scape Seat Bag is a versatile bike bag for all weather conditions and all types of biking adventures. Designed with cycling enthusiasts in mind, this saddle bag is undoubtedly one of the most considered, well designed bike bags and it will continue to last for years to come. In our opinion, a seat pack is one of the best investments you can make toward building a bikepacking kit because of its wind resistance. Add this to your bike bag collection and make your cycling adventure more enjoyable  

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Lateral reflective logo
Plastic buckles with cam lock
Aluminium hook to fix the dry bag into the holster
Vertical daisy chain for extra bags attachment
Reinforced fabric at all points of contact to the seat and wheel
Dryhole to drain any water drops or condensation
Nylon webbing
Loop for mounting a rear light


420D Nylon fully welded

Roll closure
Air pressure valve to minimize the space 
Capacity 8L
W 400-600mm x H 180mm x D 140mm
Dry Bag: 620mm x 320mm
Max Load 3kg

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