RESTRAP Tyre Boot Kit
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RESTRAP Tyre Boot Kit

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Made from the same material Restrap uses in their bikepacking bags, lightweight and extremely tough, the Restrap Tyre Boot Kit includes everything you need to repair a sidewall or tread tear on your tyre, all in a compact package

The kit features 8 varied cuts of thin, durable and tear-resistant Hypalon, a engineered rubberized material frequently used for the marine industry, so it makes sense that this material would work well for a tyre boot. It is waterproof, super strong, and very light. A tube of glue is included to help mend the trickiest of tears

When not in use, simply rolls the kit up and tucks it away in a pack. The Restrap Tyre Boot Kit is a cyclist’s must-have especially for a bikepacking trip or a gravel ride

Hand made in the UK

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