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LEZYNE Bike Chain Pliers Multi Tool

LEZYNE Bike Chain Pliers Multi Tool

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This Lezyne Multi Chain Pliers are a professional grade, versatile bike chain multi-tool engineered for a variety of road or trailside repairs

The tool is constructed from machined aluminium and have a whopping 6 different tools compacted into one! There is an integrated quick-link tool, chain breaker, valve core tool, bottle opener, rotor aligner, and magnetic holders for up to two spare quick links. Its slim design and light weight allows for maximum portability, and it is engineered for long-lasting use. The tool also features an anodized finish and a hardened steel chain breaker pin

Whether you are a mountain biker, road cyclist, or a gravel rider, you will find this Lezyne Bike Chain Pilers Multi Tool highly useful in all situations


Compatible with 8 - 12 speed chains
Dimension: 120 x 38 x 10 mm
Weight: 61g


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