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ZEFAL Z Box Large Waterproof Bicycle Tool Bottle

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Zefal’s Large capacity bicycle tool bottle responds to your needs thanks to the two built-in compartments, and its waterproof material will keep all your belongings dry

Made from hard-wearing and durable polypropelene, you can take all the spares and tools you need without having to lug them around in your bag. I can easily fit my tubes, a mini pump, a CO2 cannister and inflater, a compact multi tool, patch kit, and tyre levers in it. Perfect for those longer rides.  

Product Highlights:
Waterproof to protect your contents and prevent damage

Convenient storage which is compact and practical
Fits your bottle cage to transport on your bike
Adjustable 2 in 1 compartment. It can be divided into two parts for better storage

Technical Specifications:
Size: Large
Material: Polypropylene
Height: 250mm
Capacity: 0,8 L / 47 c.i
Weight: 130g

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