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VELO ORANGE Randonneur Handlebar Bag - Black

VELO ORANGE Randonneur Handlebar Bag - Black

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The best thing about a Randonneur bag is the functionality. Its large practical boxy size gives you a huge amount of storage capabilities, and when supported by a front rack, this bag is made for you to load up that heavier gear for your commute or bikepacking and touring trips. And this Velo Orange Randonneur is no exception. The team maintained its signature classy retro look, while updating it with modern, smart and functional design  

The Cordura fabric makes this handlebar bag extremely durable and water resistant. Its bright orange waterproof truck tarp liner inside the bag (the same material that trucking companies use to protect cars during transit) will keep all your packed items well protected, and makes it super easy to find what you need even in the most dimly-lit environments

Molle straps adorn the side and rear of the bike bag giving you more options to attach smaller accessory bags like the Velo Orange Phone Pouch or an extra water bottle. This modular design enables you to build the randonneur bag that best fits your ride. The Randonneur Handlebar Bag also comes with a carry strap, so you can easily sling the bag over your shoulder when you are off the bike

The gusseted top flap features a clear map case with a waterproof zipper, giving you an easy access to your essentials when you are on the bike, perfect to keep your phone, keys, wallet, spare tube, repair kit….. The design of the front flap is long enough to prevent water and dust getting inside the bag. The front pocket is also gusseted to easily expand for stuffing (and over-stuffing 😊)

The underside of the bag has additional molle straps for the included buckle or toe-strap to secure your bag to your rack, super useful when riding on rough terrain

A collaboration between Velo Orange and Road Runner Bags of Los Angeles, you can be assured this bike bag is made with the utmost craftsmanship and quality, and you will enjoy using this gem for years to come

This Randonneur Handlebar Bag can work with any front rack



Height: 22cm
Width: 27cm
Depth: 19.5cm
Weight: 736g
Maximum Capacity: 8.5L
Includes carry strap 

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