Road Runner Buoy Bag
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ROAD RUNNER Fork Buoy Bag - Olive Cordura

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With a capacity of 7.75L, you can most certainly stuff this Road Runner Fork Buoy Bag full with your camping gear: sleeping pad, clothes, cooking utensils, tent, just to name a few items. Looking for a durable, sturdy, waterproof bag for your bikepacking or bike touring trips? This Road Runner Buoy Bag is exactly what you are after

Made of 1000D Cordura backed with Seam Taped Weatherproof Rip-Stop Nylon Liner, you can be confident that all the items you store will come out clean and dry despite the dirt, mud, gravel and rain that you encounter on your trip

And guess what, this bike fork bag can even help you to take care of your laundry during your bike trip. Fill one bag with your dirty clothes and 1/2 water + a few drops of soap and start scrubbing :) Give your Buoy Bag a good wash when you are done, and the bag will stay forever clean on the trail! 

If this is not enough to convince you, the Road Runner Buoy Bag is also super quick and easy to install on any large "anything" cage too, and the Restrap Carry Cage is a great option. Run the Restrap Fast Straps around the cage/bag and then send them through the daisy chain on the front of the Buoy Bag

A quick tip, load heavy/bulky items at the bottom of the bag and lighter/oblong items at the top. And for the best performance, use 2 x straps (one cinched near the base and one cinched near the top) and make sure they are tight as heck! Seriously, you wouldn't even know the bags are there when you ride

You can also attach those large cages to the traditional bottle cage mounts and use this dry fork bag in the triangle of your frame. Be creative and make every bit of that space count! 

The Road Runner Buoy Bag is one of the largest fork bags you can get on an anything cage, and a good size bag means a lot when you are packing for your trip. This coupled with its versatility and durability making this Road Runner bag the best bikepacking bag you will find in the market

The Road Runner Fork Buoy Bag is also available in black

Planning for a longer trip and need more storage? Add a Road Runner Wedge Half Frame Bag and their Middle Earth Jammer Bag to your collection  



Height: 50.8cm (unrolled)
33cm (Rolled to the top of the mollee type chain) 
Diameter: 15.24cm
Liters: 7.75L
Weight: 128g 


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