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RESTRAP Bumper Bar

RESTRAP Bumper Bar

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The Restrap Bumper Bar is a brand new bike accessory that serves multiple functions; as a hard point for mounting lights, while also acting as a spacer for a range of bar bags with its grille and 30mm slots on the top and bottom that work seamlessly with the retention straps of your bike bags. By pushing the bag upwards and away from the front wheel, it prevents any unwanted frame rub and damages to the paint work of your bike

The front is curved to allow fitting of most lights, where the position out the front of the steerer is ideal for forward visibility

The Bumper Bar acts as a 3mm headset spacer and is designed to fit all 1 1/8th” steerers. Also included are 5mm diameter holes on the top and bottom for additional mounting options

Made from CR4 Steel with a durable powder coated finish, this Restrap Bumper Bar is a great addition to your bike, especially for your bikepacking trips and gravel rides

Installation involves simply removing the headset top cap and stem, sliding on the Bumper Bar spacer in the desired position and re-installing the stem and cap

This is ideal for smaller bikes with a low stack height or where handlebar to tyre clearance is limited



Weight: 178g
Recommended Maximum Load: 2.5kg resting on Bumper Bar with support straps around headtube 0.5kg mounted directly to Bumper Bar

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