Many Mornings Playful Cat Mismatched Socks
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MANY MORNINGS Socks - Playful Cat

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A cat lover? We got you covered. Let's add some fun and colour in your life with these mismatched Many Mornings Socks

Many Mornings Socks combine decades of experience in the Łódź textile industry with a unique approach to design and a love for a well-made product. Quality matters – their production process uses only the finest materials. When it comes to design, they find inspiration in everything that surrounds them. Meeting friends, trying new things, traveling – they learn from each experience to design socks that they would want to wear themselves. It gives them joy which they love to share with others!

80% Cotton
17% Polyamide
3% Elastan

Sizing (Euro)
Small - 35-38

Medium - 39-42
Large - 43-46

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