KNOG - Plus - Twinpack
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KNOG - Plus Bike Lights - Twinpack

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Mount the Knog+ bike lights to your handlebars, forks, steaposts, stays, pannier racks, your helmet, or use the integrated wearable clip to attach the light to your shirt pocket or panniers

The Knog+ twinpack is a set of super-bright, 100% waterproof and totally versatile USB rechargeable bicycle lights

With an output of 40 lumens at the front, 20 lumens at the rear, and a run time of up to 20 hours in eco flash, these Knog+ bike lights ensure you are well seen by all other cyclists and road users all night long

Comes with two different sizes straps for easy attachment. When you reach your destination, remove the light, slip it into your pocket, and you will never need to worry having your bike light stolen again

The minimalist simplicity and the versatility of these bike lights made them one of our favourites

Save 20% purchasing a twin pack compared to a purchase of an individual Knog+ light

Knog Plus Light from knog on Vimeo


Light Output: FRONT 40 lumens // REAR 20 lumens
Dimensions: 14 x 66 x 18mm 
Weight: 12g


Integrated Clip: Remove the light from the magnetic mount and clip it onto your shirt, shorts, socks or bags using the integrated wearable clip
Light Modes: Steady, pulse, strobe, fancy flash, eco flash
Integrated USB Plug: No charging cable required, plugs directly into USB ports & is designed to be exposed to the elements
Charge Time: 4 hours (LED will turn off when fully charged)
BIke Attachment: Tool-less removable silicone straps for bars 22 - 32mm+ diameter with magnetic mount. Fits Oversize bars
LEDs: Efficient Chip on Board (COB) LEDs designed to provide maximum brightness level for up to 90% of the battery burn time for each mode
100% Waterproof: The Plus (+) is IP67 tested and 100% waterproof against all elements
Button: Longer button push on (0.75sec) prevents accidental turn on. Short presses switch modes continuously
Battery: USB Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Accessories Included: 2x interchangeable straps for bars 22-27mm / 28-32mm+, and magnetic mount

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