KNOG - Fang Multi-Tool
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KNOG Fang Bike Multi Tool

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There are 18 different tools jammed packed together in this lightweight compact pocket tool set. Use it to adjust your seat, fix a loose cleat or a rubbing brake, tighten your slightly lose bottle cage..... this Knog Fang Multi Tool is a must have to take on the ride with you    

4 sizes of hex wrenches, various sizes of wrenches, a metric ruler, a box cutter, tire levers…. The list goes on. The good people at Knog even threw in a bottle opener for that end-of-ride round of beers with your mates!

So the next time you head out on the trail or on the road, be sure to bring the Fang multi tool along. This ultra versatile multi tool may just might be your new best riding companion


18 Tools:
1. Box cutter
2. Bottle opener
3 & 4. Tyre levers x 2 (with magentic attachment)
5. Wrench 5mm/ 3/16in
6. Wrench 8mm/ 5/16in
7. Wrench 10mm/ 3/8in
8. Wrench 11mm/ 7/16in
9. Wrench 13mm/ 1/2in
10. Wrench 14mm/ 9/16in
11. Ruler (metric)
12. Ruler (imperial)
13. High torque socket
14. 4mm hex bit
15. 5mm hex bit
16. 6mm hex bit
17. Phillips head bit
18. Hex bit socket with magnet

Advanced composite material
Lighter than Titanium
Stronger than cast due metal

Tyre Levers:
Magnetised to fit tool
Ergonomic design
Reinforced material

TSA Approved


Knog and Tactica are both from global design hub, Melbourne. We have come together to offer a record-breaking multi-tool. Aimed at outdoor handy-types, this tool was launched on Kickstarter and is now tailored for Knog to add extra appeal for cyclists. With new styling, hex bits, and unique tyre levers, the FANG multi-tool is a must have in your pocket

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