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CINELLI Tarsila Schubert 'Deep Love Dive' Cycling Cap

CINELLI Tarsila Schubert 'Deep Love Dive' Cycling Cap

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A Cinelli cycling cap is a perfect accessory for on or off the bike. It provides you an extra layer of protection under your helmet on cooler days, and it also keeps the sweat out of your eyes during your intense rides

This super colourful new Cinelli cap is designed by TARSILA SCHUBERT for the Cinelli Art Program. The Brazilian-born street artist has collaborated with brands such as Hermès, Chrysler, Adidas, Red Bull, Nokia, Unilever, Dell just to name a few, and her artworks have been exhibited worldwide including USA, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, UK, France, Spain, Cambodia, Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait and Jordan

The cap is light and features a highly breathable sweat band for added moisture wicking on warm days

Go ahead and flip the brim up to show off more colour!

Made in Italy

Woven, 100% Polyester

One size fits all

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