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Apidura Racing Frame Bike Bag 4L

Apidura Racing Frame Bike Bag 4L

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This lightweight waterproof Apidura Racing Frame Bag is perfect to use for long distance rides, including cycling competition and audax

Frame pack is perfect for storing those heavier and bulkier items, while giving you easy access to the items you need when you ride

This waterproof bike frame bag is constructed from a lightweight laminate created specifically for Apidura with strong tear and abrasion resistance. The bike bag is shaped to provide a universal fit, for use with any bike frame, while leaving you enough room to access your water bottle from the bottle cage

The three velcro straps are lightweight, easy to use, and can be set in multiple positions for enhanced compatibility with your top tube bag

An integrated support structure adds stiffness and allows the frame bag to remain streamlined, giving your knees and ankles good clearance when you ride. A flexible zipped pocket on one side of the bag is perfect to keep your phone, keys, and those essential tools. For added convenience, a protected cable port enables charging of devices during your ride. This superior quality Apidura frame bag is a bike bag that will last for years to come 


Dimensions: 42cm L x 14cm H x 6cm W
Weight: 205g



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