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24 BOTTLES Porta Bottiglia Bicycle Bottle Rack - Black

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Don't have a water bottle cage on your bike? The Porta Bottiglia bottle rack allows you to attach your favourite bottle to your bicycle frame horizontally or vertically with their cleverly designed velcro system

Made from regenerated cotton, the bottle rack is flexible enough to hold a standard 500m to a 750mL size bottles, or even a bottle of wine! Simply adjust the bottle rack size with the velcro and strap it to your bike 

Comes with a soft genuine leather handle, giving you the style you deserve!

Need a water bottle too? What about a 24 Urban Bottle to make it a complete set?

Designed and handmade in Italy

Care: Handwash recommended
Material: Regenerated cotton, Leather handle, Velcro fasteners
Weight: 55 grams

Porta Bottiglia Bicycle Wine Rack from 24Bottles on Vimeo.



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