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HIPLOK Z Lok Multi-Use Security Tie & Bike Lock Twin Pack - Grey

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The Hiplok Z Lok is more than just a bike lock, it is the first reusable zip tie providing ultra-convenient added protection. A secure solution when locking your bike up during your mid-ride coffee, offering added protection while on car racks or secure your panniers. The possibilities are endless

Fully adjustable to use as much or as little of the 400cm locking diameter. The Hiplok Z lok is small, lightweight and is super easy to use. You will be amazed how versatile this little guy is

Don't want to add another set of keys to your keychain? Check out the Hiplok Z lok combination lock option

Set of 2


Security Level: Low Risk
Security Rating: N/A
Product Specification: Double sided ratchet design, reinforced steel core, universal release key
Weight: 20g
Locking Size: 40cm locking diameter

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