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RESTRAP Race Musette - black

RESTRAP Race Musette - black

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This Restrap Adventure Race Musette Bag is a stylish addition to your cycling kit, perfect for both on and off the bike

Made from a 6oz waterproof coated nylon with a circular snap fastener and an adjustable Hypalon shoulder strap, this musette will satisfy your practical needs while keeping you looking sharp on the road. The Hypalon material is strong and will not fray over time, specifically designed to ensure the bag doesn't slip easily off your shoulder or sliding forward towards your knee when you ride

To make this bag more durable, the internal seam is stitched over with nylon webbing for reinforcing. That's right, this is not your regular musette 

The Restrap team creates all their products with care and a high level of attention to details, and this musette is no exception. The built-in elastic loop on the inside of the bag allows you to pack this musette into a miniature size so you can fit it into your jersey pocket or in your bag with ease. This well considered designed Restrap Race Musette is a must have for any cyclists 

Handmade in Yorkshire 


Weight: 70g
Capacity: 3L


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