Ostroy Keirin Mesh Cycling Jersey
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OSTROY Keirin Mesh Cycling Jersey

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Inspired by Keirin ケイリン,  a form of motor-paced cycle racing developed in Japan in which track cyclists sprint behind a motorized pace, the Ostroy team created this Keirin Mesh Cycling Jersey that gives you both the comfort and the aesthetic you would want on a bike

Made with high quality luxury Italian fabrics, you will most definitely feel the difference when you ride


The Ostroy jerseys are “Race Cut" which means they are designed to fit tight. It should feel like a second skin: tight but not too tight. When a jersey fits properly, it is more aero, doesn’t flap in the breeze, the wicking fabric works properly and you look rad as hell

If you prefer a looser "club cut" fit that is a bit closer to a regular shirt, we recommend you go up at least one size

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